The Best Peo Companies And Services For Businesses Of All Sizes

best peo companies

Through its HR services, it can assist with recruiting and hiring employees. Pinnacle currently has clients in 32 states across a variety of industries, including health services, restaurants, financial organizations and light industrial companies. Lever1 is a Kansas City, Missouri-based PEO providing a multitude of resources for small and midsize businesses across all 50 states. The company’s services include payroll, employee manuals, recruiting, management training, health benefits, 401 plans, life and disability insurance, and workers’ compensation. The company’s payroll offering is unique for including a full suite of features and services, like a cloud-based platform and compliance support. The company also provides good benefits package options, with additional services like a doctor concierge and separate employee perks and discounts. Engage PEO provides a solid offering in human resources, risk management, payroll and benefits services.

This PEO serves several industries including business services, manufacturing, distribution, retail, property management and healthcare. Prestige Employee Administrators is a human resources outsourcing firm that offers strategic HR support, payroll services, employment services and benefit programs to small and midsize businesses. Their extra bonus is that all employees can get assistance via toll-free call center during business hours and on the website 24 hours a day. GenesisHR Solutions best peo companies is a national company that provides PEO services to small and midsize businesses. Businesses have access to the standard suite of services, including benefits administration, payroll processing, risk management and HR outsourcing. Abel is a family-owned and operated PEO that provides small and midsize firms with human resources management services. Services include HR compliance and administration, workers’ compensation, training, employee benefits management, and payroll.

Additionally, they have a strong training program that includes onsite and online training on a variety of topics. AccessPoint provides a wide range of human resources services to hundreds of companies across all types of industries. It enables businesses to outsource the management of human resources, employee benefits, payroll and workers’ compensation. Vensure’s midmarket solutions are available to firms with 50 to 500 employees.

best peo companies

TriNet not only tailors itself to specific industries, but business owners have a dedicated call center with experts from their own industry, making it our choice for best industry-specific services. Your dedicated team will include an HR services manager, HR specialist, payroll specialist, performance specialist, and safety consultant for some of the best support you’ll find anywhere from a PEO. TriNet provides an extensive list of HR services that allows companies to focus their efforts on the business at hand. Contracts and plans vary by client, ranging from month-to-month to long-term agreements, so review your CSA carefully before signing anything.

Best Peo By State

The price of a PEO can vary widely depending on a number of different factors. This can include the PEO you choose, the services you use, the employee benefits you offer, and the number of employees you have.

Some PEOs offer short-term contracts, while others lock you into multiyear deals. Since Insperity is an ESAC-, IRS- and BBB-accredited PEO, you can rest assured that you are partnering with a reputable PEO. Many of the PEOs we reviewed have these accreditations, but this shouldn’t devalue how important they are. The accreditations are reviewed regularly to ensure the company still provides exemplary service. Insperity is one of the few companies we reviewed that has earned accreditation from all three major PEO accrediting agencies, which judge PEOs on a rigorous set of guidelines. Rippling is a scalable platform that can meet the needs of small businesses with employees in various cities and states.

GMS is a PEO and third-party administrator that serves companies of all sizes across the United States. It handles payroll and tax responsibilities, HR administration, employee benefits administration and risk management services. If there is a benefit offered to employees, there is a PEO that can help you set it up. Some of the most common benefits offered include various retirement plans of various types, investment opportunities, and health insurance plans . Some might even offer discounts that are common retailers for employees, certain rewards programs, life insurance, regulatory compliance services, worker’s compensation insurance, and development programs. A PEO is a company that can take care of HR responsibilities, primarily for small and midsize companies.

The cost of a PEO depends on how many employees you have, their total hours, how much they make, and future plans for company growth. Be sure to ask upfront about any special policy customizations or discount offers that can help lower the total cost. Also, consider whether a contract is required and whether there are any add-on fees. What is bookkeeping Many businesses choose to outsource these critical services in order to guarantee that they are done correctly by experienced professionals. With a PEO, businesses are able to save on the cost of extra employees, while providing teams with more expert training and freeing up more time in your day to grow and expand your company.

  • Its customers have access to affordable rates on medical, dental, and vision insurance and employee retirement plans.
  • For instance, users can contact an HR generalist who can assist customers with both basic and in-depth HR needs.
  • My personal experience dealing with PEO service providers started with my health company.
  • Justworks can handle other tasks for your business, such as W-2 and 1099 filings, worker’s compensation, and unemployment insurance.
  • ADP does this by providing assistance with compliance and making the workplace even safer.

When you choose a PEO, make sure it can perform all of the HR functions you need and scale with your business as it grows. income summary Abel offers a variety of PEO services to help firms expand their HR capabilities without adding to their headcounts.

Trinet: Best Peo For Tailored Industries

Justworks offers 24/7 support to companies that need help with payroll, compliance, benefits administration, and other HR functions. The PEO company also employs certified HR consultants to answer questions and help clients develop policies that are both cost-effective and fair to employees. Justworks has several automated tools to speed up payroll processing and improve accuracy, including automatic direct deposits and the ability to integrate with QuickBooks, Xero, and QuickBooks Online. Clients also have access to a custom HRIS tool that streamlines activities related to onboarding, key performance indicator tracking, and tracking of PTO balances.

It’s a good idea to check with the major accreditation agencies when you’re considering PEOs. While PEO companies do not need to have accreditation to provide good service, it is a good way to help you narrow your options down to the best if you have several contenders. A few of our best picks don’t have accreditation but still provide great services, so it ultimately depends on what you value as a business owner. While accreditation will verify some major aspects of the PEO’s overall service offering, it won’t guarantee an excellent experience for every business, of course. Anh Trinh, founder and CEO of media startup GeekWithLaptop, said he selected Oasis for his team of eight employees because it is a reliable PEO that specializes in small businesses and startups. Trinh’s parting advice to his fellow small business owners is to identify the PEO features your business needs first and then choose a PEO specializing in those areas. Insperity’s “user experience was better than its competitors’, the training and development options were very good, and their mobile app was very easy to use and had frequent improvements to it,” Bailey said.

What Are The Best Peo Company Services In 2021?

Paychex does not publish its pricing information on its website—you have to contact its sales team to request a quote. The representative we spoke to said that it has 350+ different products and services that it mixes and matches to create a package that meets your PEO needs. It charges a flat rate per employee monthly and breaks up the cost by pay period. For example, if you are charged $100 per month and process payroll once a week, then you pay around $20 to $25 per employee, per pay period. Like most of the PEO companies in this guide, ADP TotalSource does not provide pricing information on its website.

best peo companies

Know that you are safe having the checks and balances managed by the PEO’s system. Insurance Cost Savings –The main reason companies use a PEO is it saves them money.

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Unlike other options, you can start with one or two services and add more as you grow. However, Paychex offers numerous services to help supplement your in-house team when you decide to start building out your HR department as you grow. Those services work hand-in-hand with your team to continuously improve your HR processes and bolster continuous growth. Paychex is one of the most popular HR management companies, with more than 45 years of experience and over 650,000 customers of all shapes and sizes. However, those costs go down to $39 per employee per month and $79 per employee per month respectively if you have more than 100 employees. You can pick and choose what you need or opt for all four to enjoy a full-service PEO solution.

You will sit under a joint EIN with a PEO; however, this only affects your taxes. The PEO doesn’t own your company, your employees, and you can handle your business however you want. But you can try their services for 90 days and receive a refund during that time period if you’re not satisfied. If you’re looking for more of a technology-centered PEO, you’ll prefer ADP TotalSource. Ever since 2011, ADP has been providing HR software solutions for a variety of different businesses.

Justworks is one of the few PEO companies included in this guide that offer transparent pricing. It has two plans , wherein pricing is based on the number of employees you have. If you have part-time staff who work fewer than 30 hours per week, Justworks will bill you on the Basic plan even if you are on the Plus tier. Built to help businesses with more than 150+ employees minimize risk, access enterprise-grade benefits packages, and run their HR department with ease. Get expert personalized services, access to dedicated HR experts, and world-class HR software all for one transparent price.

Vensure Employer Services

These amounts are also per employee and there are discount tiers for businesses that have more than 25, 100, or even 174 employees. In addition, business owners can also be eligible for a 15% discount if they choose to pay on an annual basis. Unfortunately, TriNet doesn’t have the best customer service reviews as can be seen from the aggregate 1.5-star rating on consumer affairs. These reviews mentioned that tax and employee information was inputted incorrectly. They also complained about poor technology, especially regarding their online platforms.

Running an online business without the right supplementary tools can be a complete waste of time and money. Paychex PEO also offers upfront pricing with no hidden fees, and detailed invoicing to ensure that costs are clear. There’s no contract term, so there are no penalties for cancelling the service at any time. The service is IRS certified, and accredited by the Employer Services Assurance Corporation . The Paychex PEO+ service also includes an HR consultant service to provide guidance, as well as Employment Practices Liability Insurance . We’ve therefore featured below the five best PEO service companies, and provided more information on their services, and what they can offer for your business.

Justworks also can automatically file payroll taxes, W-2s, and 1099s and help users stay compliant with changing employment regulations. She has more than five years of content writing experience and specializes in writing about HR and payroll software for small businesses. Prior to becoming a writer, she worked as an HR Specialist in several multinational companies.

ADPTotalSource is a full-service PEO solution that aims to provide all aspects of outsourced HR while offering significant benefits and savings. TotalSource can cover most every issue of employment, from recruitment to HR and payroll, and provide guidance and technology to support their aims. A PEO company can work hand to hand together with your organization so your business will be able to provide the right coverage and plans for your employees. A PEO can do the necessary work to reunite and compare different quotes from insurance companies to provide your employees with the most cost-effective benefits packages. PEOs first suggestion is to keep a precise record of hours worked, wages already paid and worker classifications, among other details considered relevant.

Oasis offers custom solutions for businesses in a wide range of industries. Through our research, we ensure that each provider demonstrates best practices, meeting specific financial, state, and regulatory guidelines to best guide you and your business down the path of success. With so much access to your team and proprietary affairs, it’s important to find a PEO that is highly rated by industry experts, such as the Better Business Bureau , Employer Services Assurance Corporation , and IRS.

In addition to HR and payroll, its extensive offerings include recruiting, insurance, retirements, 401, accounting, health, and training. The Plus package, at $89 a month per employee, includes everything in the basic package plus additional access to medical, dental, and vision health packages. These include COBRA administration, health advocacy, One Medical where available, and access to HSA/FSA accounts.

Author: Emmett Gienapp

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